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In this edition:
  • How to upgrade to IDEA 11
  • Forecasting into the future with Trend Analysis in IDEA
  • Analytics Guide for External Audit
  • Using the @Strip

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Want to upgrade to IDEA 11? Find out how

IDEA 11 is available and clients have begun upgrading. So, we wanted to provide you with some common questions we have been receiving about the latest version.

Where do I find out more information about IDEA 11? 
We would recommend all IDEA users watch the IDEA 11 release webinar and also visit our website where there are some great resources including the following brochures:

I would like more information about IDEA CloudShare 
With IDEA CloudShare, you can upload your project files to the cloud to share your work with other team members or download files from the cloud to your local IDEA projects or local library. 

Where do I download IDEA 11? 
Once you have confirmed you wish to upgrade, our team will provide you a link to download IDEA 11 and authorisation code.

Is there a charge to upgrade to IDEA 11? 
All users with a current support and maintenance contract are entitled to upgrade to IDEA 11 for no additional charge.

I'm ready to upgrade, what do I do next?
Contact your Account Manager or send an email to and we will get you upgraded.

Did you know you can Forecast into the future with Trend Analysis in IDEA? 

Our team are receiving questions around trend analysis so we wanted to share with you some information about this task within IDEA. 

The Trend Analysis task of IDEA Advanced Statistical Methods is used to measure whether the data in a selected Numeric field is showing an upward or downward trend over time and then to fit the best fitting straight line to the data to forecast values into the future on the assumption that the trending pattern will continue. The Trend Analysis technique used in IDEA is based on linear regression using the method of least squares.

How do I find this task? 
Open IDEA > Analysis Tab > Explore Group > Statistics > Trend Analysis

How do I find out more about this task?
  • View Back to Basics blog on IDEA website 
  • Advanced Statistical Methods Case Study installed with IDEA has a topic on Trend Analysis. This guide can be found by going to Start > All Programs > IDEA > Documentation 
  • IDEA Help Section

Need more guidance with IDEA testing? The Analytics Guide for External Audit is available

The Analytics Guide for External Audit essential guide is available to purchase and provides guidance and best practices for:

  • Obtaining and preparing the right data needed for an audit
  • How to apply Data Analytics (specifically showing examples using CaseWare IDEA) to the following business processes:
  1. General Ledger
  2. Revenue Assurance
  3. Accounts Receivable
  4. Account Payable
  5. Payroll
  6. Fixed Assets
  7. Inventory

Within the publication, we provide not only the IDEA techniques needed to perform the audit Analytics, but also detailed information of the relevance of each of the Data Analytics reports it refers to, and best practice advice on how to interpret the results.

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This publication can be purchased hard copy or electronically. Please contact our team on for more information.


Have you used @Strip?

This @Function removes all spaces, punctuation and control characters from a text field leaving a string of characters and digits. This could be used when comparing name or address fields in the same or different files.




@Strip(ADDRESS) where address is a free-format address field would return the following:

(C, 25)

25 New St. Square

T.J. William Ave


(Virtual Character, Len 25)




@Strip can be use with @Upper or @Lower if necessary, such as @Upper(@Strip(NAME)).